November 15, 2018

Why Home Laser Hair Removal Is Not As Efficient as Professional One?

why home laser hair removal is not efficient

Why Home Laser Hair Removal is Not As Efficient as Professional One?

The opportunity to purchase a mini laser hair removal machine and use it at home sounds tempting and promises to save your money. However, is it worth?

Well, let’s discuss in the detail.

Pain Tolerance

One of the main reasons to switch to laser hair removal is because it is a way (A WAY) less painful than any other hair removal method. However, there is a different type of laser. The diode laser is more pleasant than IPL one. To read more about the difference click here.

However, the majority of the machines for home use are IPL ones, which is a more painful experience.


Each type of laser hair removal machine has its own wavelength which is suitable for specific complexions. For example, 750-900 nm is suitable for pale to medium skin tones, over 1000 nm works great for darker skin tones. Despite the manufacturer’s claim that those mini machines are suitable for all skin types, technologically it is not possible. It will work for specific complexions only.

When you search for laser hair machines online, the majority of them doesn’t even state the wavelength, so it is in a kind of a way is a gamble.


Home use machines require every bi-weekly sessions, whereas professional machines require 5-6 weeks intervals. This happens because the intensity of professional machine is much higher. Therefore, you will see the hair reduction results a way later with home laser hair removal machines.


If you are looking for an affordable laser hair removal which will bring you meh to ok results, you can go for home removal machine. However, it will take a lot of research n order to find the right machine for the right price. If you want efficiency and fast results, then professional laser hair removal is for you. Make sure that your dermatologist or laser technician uses the machine which is right for your complexion. How to choose the right laser hair removal specialist read here.

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