What to expect after your hair removal session

So you did your first laser hair removal session. Congratulations! Your hair removal won’t be the same. However, you are having some questions on what to expect after your hair removal session.

Day 1

Make sure you don’t take hot showers and do not exercise the day of your laser hair removal appointment. It is important to keep the treated body area cool and dry, and free of any kind of irritants such as deodorant, body lotion, fragrance, and others. Aloe vera gel is your best friend for now.

Day 2

You can come back to your regular beauty routine including hot showers, sauna, workout and body lotions. You shouldn’t be experiencing any kind of discomfort on the treated area, if this happens please kindly contact us immediately: (347) 385 1426.

No shaving, plucking, waxing, bleaching or any kind of skin influence. You can come back to shaving after 10 days since your laser hair removal appointment.

Day 10

Your hair is growing back. And you are probably thinking “So perhaps I am not getting laser hair removal results”. Well, you are wrong.

Your hair grows back just as it would do normally, but after 10-12 days it starts to shed. It happens gradually due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, so don’t expect to notice it in one day. You are getting there, don’t worry.

You can start shaving now, however it is recommended to shave as rare between the sessions as possible.

Day 30

Yes! You made a month since your hair removal appointment. Good job! By now, you’ve noticed hair reduction (usually first session removes up to 18-20% of hair, however, results vary). And now it is time to prepare for your next appointment.

Day 37 – Day 44

These are the days when your next appointment should happen to make sure you are getting the best hair removal results. Make sure you shave well prior to the appointment (either the same day or a night before). The better you shave, the more efficient and less painful the procedure would be. And you already know the rest.

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