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"Pimple Bye" Anti-Acne Facial (50 min)

Hormones, as well as everyday stressors, can leave unwanted blemishes, comedones, and acne on your skin.  It is an infection of the skin caused by changes in the sebaceous glands, which causes the obstruction and inflammation of the pores of the skin. Our facial is designed to reduce the inflammation, deep clean pores and restore the skin barrier.

First, we use an organic face wash to remove dirt and makeup. After that, we move on with anti-bacterial enzyme exfoliant to relieve the skin from dead cells. Next step is a pore-opening mask and steaming. Then we’ll get down to the root of the blemish through a series of deep extractions. The following step is darsonval which has anti-bacterial and calming properties. After that facialist proceeds with skin balance restorative face mask, followed by face, neck and hand massage.  This is followed by a variety of moisturizers: for your face, eyes, neck and lip treatment.

$167.20 $125.40


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