Microblading Eyebrows


Infinity Laser Spa

Microblading Eyebrows  is one of the most innovative techniques in beauty treatments that will help you to makeup your eyebrows in a semi-permanent way to make your face stand out. This technique can be applied to both men and women, regardless of age, ethnicity or skin type.

If you have depopulated eyebrows, experienced any disease that has led to hair loss of the eyebrow, have stress or hormonal problems that affected your eyebrows. Then you will you need to have microblading eyebrows.

At Infinity Laser Spa we create your brow strand-by-strand, for the most natural-looking 3D-like results; perfectly filled-in and balanced. The brow shape and color is custom-made to your facial structure and preference.

Microblading Eyebrows is done in just about an hour, since it is an advanced beauty service, made with cutting-edge technology and, therefore, of fast execution. It does not damage the skin or eyebrows and the results are perfect, natural & immediate. Contact us to book your FREE CONSULTATION!

  • Microblading Eyebrows ~ $350
  • Eyebrow Retouch (after 6 months) ~ $200
  • Touch Up (within 6 months or less) ~ $100  

To guarantee the best results it is necessary to follow some recommendations to take care of your eyebrows after treatment:
-Avoid contact with water or any other liquid during the 7 days after the first microblading session.
Disinfects the treated area with a small amount of alcohol 70% between 2 and 4 times a day. Before disinfecting them make sure that the eyebrows are clean and dry.
– From the 4th day, use coconut oil to moisturize the area after disinfecting.
– From the first 7 days, clean the eyebrows using a non-greasy cleanser.
– Try not to exercise during the first 2 days after performing the microblading treatment, it could irritate the area.
– Avoid direct exposure to the sun during the first 4 weeks.
– Do not use cosmetics on the eyebrows during the first 2 weeks.