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Not all lasers machines have the same efficiency and power characteristics required to achieve the best laser tattoo removal treatments.💜

That is why at Infinity Laser Spa we use Vertex Lasers machine, the most advanced machine for laser tattoo removal in New York City, NY. Vertex Lasers technology main characteristics are:


  • Vertex Lasers optics system penetrates the deepest inks on your skin.
  • It does not hurt the skin so there is no wound or mark.
  • It removes the ink residues located in scars.


Not only Vertex Lasers Q-Switch has incorporated the latest technology, it has also acquired the specific Laser Tattoo Removal heads (tools) to treat each one of the colors that any tattoo may have to ensure an optimal laser tattoo removal.


If you regret having a permanent tattoo and want to get rid of it forever, contact us 347-791-9600 or email us infinitylaserspa@gmail.com


We perform the best laser tattoo removal in New York, NYC!


Our Vertex Lasers machines will remove your tattoos safely and faster than any other technology available on the market.


At Infinity Laser Spa we offer:



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