October 8, 2018

How to find a good laser hair removal specialist?

How to finda good laser hair removal specialsit?

how to find a good laser hair removal specialist?

Finding a good laser hair removal specialist just as finding a specialist in any other beauty field is a hard work. However, despite how scary it sounds, it is totally achievable.

Make online research

Google, Yelp, Groupon are your great friends when it comes to laser hair removal research. See what is available in your area, whether by your house or your office. See what people are saying. Try to spot fake reviews. If a person does not provide any specific details, be critical and skip those reviews.

Infinity Laser Spa uses only true customers reviews and we always make sure that our clients provide as much descriptive feedback as possible. 

Ask your friends

It might sound obvious, but sometimes we all forget that our friends are probably going to some place as well. Ask someone whose opinion you trust.

Research where your favorite influencers go

You would be surprised to find out that influencers are also humans and therefore have the same needs as you. Despite the fact that they might be sponsored for promoting a laser hair removal clinic, they also would probably work with someone they trust. They are putting their skin in someone’s hands! So if you can’t see any particular specialist on their profile, just ask in q+a ask where do they get such a great hairless skin.

Ask your dermatologist

Yes, he/she might refer you to someone they know personally or… Will advise you against. Laser hair removal if for everyone but you might have a skin sensitivity or any other reason why your dermatologist won’t recommend the procedure.

Schedule a consultation

If the place is respectable, they will schedule a consultation before the specialist will actually work on you. Infinity Laser Spa offers a complimentary consultation. The reason is not only because your technician needs to see your skin but also you need to establish a bond. Laser hair removal is a private matter,  and of course, you want to work with someone who understands YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

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