full body laser hair removal cost

Full body laser hair removal cost

Hair removal is a sensitive and somewhat controversial topic. It is even more so if you are suffering from extreme hair growth on multiple areas of your body. You may just be naturally hairy or suffer from hirsutism. Either way, another challenge comes around: removing your excess or unwanted hair. In that context, full body laser hair removal may be the most cost and time-efficient. First of all, let us explain why you should rather opt for full body laser hair removal rather than any other hair removal method. Then, we can move onto the price and specific of full body laser hair removal.

The cost of full body laser hair removal

1. Why choose laser hair removal

There may be plenty of reasons why you wish to remove your body hair. It may be a matter of taste, personal preference, self-confidence, hirsutism, etc. Now, the question of the hair removal method is another matter. We have covered extensively that waxing, even though rather convenient, remains painful, time-consuming and may have numerous negative side effects that we would all rather avoid. If you are very hairy, waxing will be a very long and painful process. It will also be rather costly.

As a matter of fact, when comparing laser hair removal to waxing in the long term, and even to shaving, the total cost of laser hair removal was still inferior every single time. We came to the conclusion that laser hair removal can actually be affordable. The added cost of waxing each month of every year for many year raised the bill to a fantastic trip away or a deposit on a house. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that money on some fun rather than on waxing.

Even if shaving was significantly cheaper than waxing in the long-term, it still ended up more expensive than laser hair removal. Plus, shaving does not contribute to hair growth reduction and requires attention every three days or so. To conclude, laser hair removal, and more specifically full body laser hair removal, turns out to be a more sustainable, cost-effective and better way to achieve significant hair growth reduction. And also save money in the long-term.

2. Is full body laser hair removal safe for all skin types?

For a very long time, laser hair removal remained a bit of a mystery. Even today, the technique is still too new to confirm that undergoing laser hair removal is absolutely safe while pregnant and that it has not impact on the foetus. Truth is, we still do not know. Which is why dermatologist and clinics do not advise pregnant women to undergo laser hair removal. In any other contexts, laser hair removal is safe.

Of course, medication and hornone treatments a patient may be on can affect the results of laser hair removal and change their tolerance to pain. Antibiotics increase photosensitivity and patients should not undergo laser hair removal before six months if they have been taking Roaccutane. Similarly, since the hair growth cycle is greatly influenced by hormones, going through hormone therarpy or being on birth control may also affect the results, although not significantly. Patients may need a couple of extra sessions to achieve their desired results.

Beyond that, everybody can undergo full body laser hair removal. The advancement in technology makes laser hair removal safe on all skin tones and hair texture. The brightness of your hair will indeed have an impact too, since their needs to be a pigment contrast between skin and hair for the laser to target the follicle. Light hair have very few pigments. However, dark skin can with no problem do laser hair removal. This is mostly due to development in laser hair removal machines and the coming of diode laser. At Infinity Laser Spa, we use a Nd: YAG Diode Laser by Vertex Laser called V-Frost.

3. What areas does this package include?

Our full body laser hair removal bundle is a full package made of dreams! The package is aimed at helping you remove unwanted hair on any area of your body that you wish to treat. It is the perfect laser hair removal package for those who do not like hair from an aesthetic point of view, need to remove all their body hair due to their lifestyle or that just prefer a hairless body.

The areas included in this full body laser hair removal package for both men and women are: face, sideburns, neck, chest, full arms, shoulders, hands, fingers, stomach, abdomen trail, bikin/ mankini, buttocks, inner buttocks, waistline, inner thighs, full legs, feet, toes. This package helps you remove unwanted hair from head to toes.

Even though we aim at providing the most comprehensive laser hair removal package, there are areas of the body that, out of safety, we do not offer. Such areas include the nose, the forehead, the eyebrows and the ears.

4. How much does full body laser hair removal cost?

The standard in the laser hair removal industry is six sessions in order to achieve god results. Each session should happen every six weeks or so. This space between sessions allows to stay in synchronzation with the hair growth cycle of the patient and to target the hair that was missed in the sessions prior. However, patients usually need between eight to ten sessions in order to see excellent results. Depending on wether patients are on medication or taking hormone, they may need additional sessions as weel as touch-ups here and there once a year.

The full body laser hair removal package of six sessions at Infinity Laser Spa currently cost $2,664.75 discounted from $3,135.00. Including laser hair removal for the full back comes at an additional cost. We are aware that the cost of full body laser hair removal still represents and significant upfront investment. That is why we offer a payment plan on our online shop which allows clients to pay in four installments over six months. Patients can also pay in three installments in store.

Paying a full body laser hair removal package upfront seem like a significant investment. However broken down, the cost per area is still significantly cheaper than buying each area individually. For example, six sessions for full face laser hair removal cost $627. Six sessions for full legs laser hair removal cost $1306.25.

5. How long will the treatment take?

The length of each session will always depend on the size of each area that needs treatment. It will also depends on the skin tone, hair color, hair texture, etc. One session of full body laser hair removal may take between one and a half hour and two hours. Read our tips on how to prepare for your first session and why you need to shave prior!

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