Eyelash Extensions Application


Infinity Laser Spa

The technique of the eyelash extensions application is to place an eyelash extension through each of your natural eyelashes, to complete all eyelashes of the eye.

There are several types of length and diameter of eyelash extensions. Our technicians at all times will analyze which is the one that best adapts to your eyelash, in order to achieve a more lasting result. At all times the eyelashes are applied with special tweezers and a long-lasting medical glue, which is applied at a minimum distance from the skin. We only use high-quality eyelashes, which are very natural looking and soft to the touch.

4 reasons to use eyelash extensions:
-Your eyes win inexpressiveness
-They are comfortable and the maintenance is very simple
-You will not have to touch your eyelashes in days
-Many celebrities use eyelash extensions

At Infinity Laser Spa we pride ourselves in creating the most natural looking, luxurious, softest, feather-like eyelash extensions application available today on the market. The following  individual eyelash extension styles are offered:

New Set

  1. Dramatic Volume (2 hours) ~ $190
  2. Natural Volume Look (2 hours) ~ $150
  3. “They’ll think they are yours” Natural Look (2 hours) ~ $120
  4. Lower lashes (60 min) ~ $70

*Eyelash Extensions Touch Ups* (up to 2 weeks)

  1. Dramatic Volume (90 mins) ~ $100
  2. Natural Volume look (90 mins) ~ $80
  3. “They’ll think they are yours” natural look (90 mins) ~ $65

Eyelash Extensions Extra add-ons

  1. ALLERGY TEST (recommended) ~ FREE
  2. Extension removal ~ $25
  3. Removal of extensions from ANOTHER salon ~ add $40
  4. Genuine MINK lashes (cruelty-free) ~ add up to $50
Eyelash Extensions Application
Eyelash Extensions Application
Eyelash Extensions Application
Eyelash Extensions Application