Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

(Developed by Infinity Laser Spa -December 13, 2017)



Infinity Laser Spa

Different machines will give you a different level of pain and different effects. Our machines use the most advanced technology with a cooling system so it becomes almost pain-free.

When our clients can’t bear the laser density during the treatment, what our laser technicians do is reduce the power of the laser, which will influence the results. It eases the pain but reduces effectiveness and the hair removal results will take longer to accomplish.  Cold gels or anesthetic creams help to reduce the pain.

The first thing you should know is that laser hair removal can cause a sensation of discomfort that usually disappears after the first session, but it’s less painful than other non-definitive hair removal mechanisms, such as wax or shaving.
The type of skin also influences the discomfort you feel when receiving laser hair removal treatment. If the amount of hair is abundant and the pigmentation of it is dark, you may receive more intensity of pain, because you have more melanin. The positive part is that the treatment will be more effective, so you will probably need fewer sessions to reduce your hair faster than a person with brighter hair.

At the end what everybody wants is to permanently remove their hair. Laser hair removal achieves all that. The lasers emit light with a sufficient wavelength to be absorbed by the melamine. The light energy of the wave is transformed into thermal energy heat, which is what will damage the hair follicle.

Don’t waste your time with traditional methods that leave you hairless on a short period of time. Request an appointment with us and find out about medical laser hair removal treatments.