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Botox helps prevent and diminish wrinkles and expression lines on your face.

The benefits of Botox are true and have been proven, that’s why movie stars and even politics apply it.

Benefits of Botox
One of the main advantages of this substance is its ability to offer a rejuvenated facial appearance. In addition, it does it instantaneously, without the need of going through an operating room or a hospital.

Botox injections  do not have permanent effects, they last between 3 to 6 months. When the effect of the paralysis is happening, the muscles recover their mobility and therefore the lines and wrinkles reappear. The advantage is that you can re-apply the treatment.
The substance has the ability to affect the nerve impulses that control the muscles of facial expression, which give rise to wrinkles. By exerting a relaxing effect on these muscles, Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

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Botox has many uses beyond the aesthetic treatment:

◊Eliminates facial wrinkles temporarily.
◊The elimination of wrinkles has a great ally in botox or botulinum toxin.
◊Eliminates severe sweating in the underarm area.

Botox is used for the treatment of wrinkles of:
◊The area around the eyes

Botox has been used for decades by other specialties of medicine. It became popular during the past decade for its use for cosmetic purposes, because when injected into certain muscles of the face it eliminates wrinkles and returns to the freshness. Its use has been approved by the FDA.

Before your botox application
◊2 weeks before applying Botox you should avoid taking medications and vitamins that change the composition of the blood, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Ginko Biloba, Vitamin E, Garlic Pills.
◊Avoid been exposed to the sun

After your botox application
◊Avoid lying down during the next 4 hours of the application to prevent the spread of the drug to adjacent unwanted areas.
◊Avoid doing strong exercises in the next 4 hours, such as going to the gym or dancing.
◊Apply ice if bruises appear. For bruising, you may apply cream with vitamin K twice a day or arnica.

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