Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Infinity Laser Spa

Not all laser hair removal machines have the same efficiency and power characteristics required to achieve the desired laser hair removalĀ result.
That is why at Infinity Laser Spa we use the Vertex Lasers machine, the most advanced laser hair removal machines in (NYC).šŸ’œ

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Infinity Laser Spa is a complete laser hair removal Spa in New York City. We have the most advanced laser technology machines in the world for a fast and safe laser hair removal.Ā 
That is why with laser hair removal you get a smooth skin in the least number of sessions.

Our technology allows you to achieve laser hair removal treatmentsĀ in the least number of sessions, depending on the hair color, the thickness and the part of the body. However, very thin facial hairs with little melanin may require a greater number of sessions.
Our advanced laser technology allows us to remove any area of the body.

As the laser works by destroying the hairs that are mainly in the active phase of growth at the time of treatment and since there are others that are in different phases, several additional sessions will be necessary to destroy all the follicles in a specific area. The laser emits only light, you can feel a small sensation, like a light tap on the skin. It is not painful and does not require disability.

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