Laser Hair Removal Cost


Infinity Laser Spa

Q. What is the process of laser hair removal?

A. Over the course of your treatments, the hair will start to grow back less frequently, thinner and sparse. At least two weeks after each laser session the hair may start to shed on its own, releasing the follicle.

Q. How many laser sessions do I need and when can I expect to see results?

A.  On average each person needs minimum 6-8 sessions to see the full reduction of up to 90%.  Due to the hormones levels in the face at least 8-10 sessions are needed. Some people see results as early as one session, but most see it within 3-6 sessions.

Q.  How long is each laser session and how far apart is each session?

A.  One session for a small area can be as quick as 5 minutes and a full body appointment is roughly 75 minutes. For a combination of two areas, it generally ranges between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. The laser hair removal treatments schedule is designed for maximum results as you enter each growth cycle, therefore, the sessions are every 6-8 weeks.



Q. Is laser hair removal painful?

A. No! Vertex Lasers comes equipped with a cooling tip to minimize any heat or discomfort you typically feel during the laser hair removal process. You can expect to feel some heat and a pinching sensation, but you will not feel the common “rubber band snap” associated with other machines.

Q. Laser Hair Removal Cost

A. The cost varies, depending on the size of the area being treated, and the number of treatments required.
Ask for a consultation to get a better idea of the cost of the laser hair removal cost in a particular area of your body.

Q.  What happens after I finish my package?

A.  First of all, laser hair removal is something that needs to be maintained. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a re-touch package of 3 sessions to use once you notice the hair growing back sparse again. Most of all these appointments should be minimum 8-12 weeks apart.

Q. Will this laser machine work on my hair type and skin type?

A. Most likely, yes. At Infinity Laser Spa we use diode technology, which means it works on all hair types and skin types, except for gray and white hair.

Q. Will laser hair removal help with ingrown hairs even though I have to shave before coming in?

A. Yes! In conclusion, laser hair removal will minimize ingrown hairs throughout your treatment.