Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

(Developed by: Infinity Laser Spa -November 5, 2017)

does laser hair removal work


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The laser emits a light that penetrates the skin, being absorbed by the melanin (the dark pigment of the hair) in the hair follicle, destroying it selectively to preserve the surrounding structures.
When the beam of light reaches the treated area, the patient feels a slight pinprick. No local anesthetics or analgesics are needed since the area to be treated is cooled by cold air.
At Infinity Laser Spa we use Alma Soprano Ice and Vertex Lasers, which are one of the most complete and safe medical-aesthetic laser machines on the market.

Laser hair removal treatments are the most convenient way to eliminate unwanted hair and painlessly.
Have you ever dreamed of not shaving again?
Well, there is an efficient way to reduce hair from growing. Many people around the world receive laser treatments.

Infinity Laser Spa works with the best laser technology machines.

Does laser hair removal work?
*Yes, it is painless, without any medication or any pre-treatment.
*It is a fast treatment, and you will see results within the first session.
*You can return to your usual activities immediately. Don’t need recovery time.
*It is effective for all skin types.
*Perfect for any part of the body.

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