Best Laser Hair Removal Center in New York City

Best Laser Hair Removal Center in New York City

(Developed by: Infinity Laser Spa – December 8, 2017)

Infinity Laser Spa

Laser facial hair removal is the N°1 solution for men and women who want to remove hair from their body and here at Infinity Laser Spa we are the best laser hair removal center in New York City.

Female facial hair removal removes hair on the chin, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, giving a very smooth look.

Male facial hair removal removes mustache, beard, chest, shoulders, full arms, stomach in few sessions. Many times the man wants to diminish or define the area of the beard and mustache, without eliminating them completely. Infinity Laser Spa is the best laser hair removal center in New York City, we adapt to the customers’ needs and requirements.

The patient should not be tanned from a month before the laser session, he or she should go to the session with the hair shaved 3-4 days before the laser treatment. It is recommended for the patient to hydrate the skin before the session.

The laser machines in NYC we use at Infinity Laser Spa allows you to achieve hair removal in the least number of sessions, depending on the hair color, thickness and the part of the body. With laser you get a smooth skin in the least number of sessions.

Very thin facial hairs with little melanin may require a greater amount of sessions.
Laser emits only light, you can feel a small sensation, like a light tap on the skin, but not pain. Some patients may use a topical anesthetic cream for comfort.

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a dream of men and women. Find out what laser hair removal can do for you and how it is done. Call today for your Free Consultation (347) 791-9600 or
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Security: Our laser machines in NYC, unlike other machines, have cooled handpieces to protect the skin from burns and stains. It does not need additional cooling systems with air or gas, which can be unsafe.